Wonder Legends Studio

Our first yet unannounced project is a TPP action adventure game and an animated series set in the inventive universe of Myths and Steam™ .

Program Wsparcia Gier Wideo.
Dofinansowano ze środków Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego

Video Game Support Program.
Co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage

Myth and Steam ™

The world was once an orderly place. It was up to the gods to decide the faith of men. 

And then Atlantean wise guys invented this new way to power things – with steam. Machines of all sorts spread everywhere and soon there was no living without them. 

Till this day nobody knows what really happened to Atlantis. After it sank, the center of innovation moved to Crete. People have turned to technology and have no use for deities any more. 

For most of the Cretans life is comfortable and peaceful. And just as well! With old heroes and demigods neck in their own matters, who could come to the rescue if the island would be in need?

The Game

Icarus, a young engineer finds himself in a world gone mad with machines.

He must set out on a journey
across diverse realms to reconcile
the capricious gods. Only their ichor, divine blood, can activate the mighty Talos, the defender of the kingdom. 

The appearance of his friend, Princess Ariadne, and his father, Daedalus, will mean a bit of help… and more trouble!

The Series

A feisty princess and a reluctant hero take on a sinister organisation, amidst the rollercoaster of adolescence.

The narrative of the series is driven by the adventures of the two tween protagonists: the introverted tinkerer Icarus, son of a genius inventor Dedalus, and Ariadne, a restless soul and the daughter of the king. 

Their main antagonist is the shadowy organization Omega, which falls into the hands of Eris, an abandoned deity of discord. Eris hates how steam technology has changed the world and aims to restore it to its pre-steam state. 

The series never underestimates its audience, relying heavily on jokes and irony as well as conspicuous social commentary for a tuned-in young people. Among the tales of high adventure, the fans will find cleverly interwoven narrative yarns reflecting modern issues like the role of technology in everyday life, consumptionism, inequality and even fake news. All through the eyes of characters they grow to love and never in a preachy tone. Along with the action plot, main narrative arcs concern the issues of pre-adolescence: changing self-awareness and relations with school-mates and parents.